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New HPE services enable you to blueprint your SAP environment and accelerate deployments

With these breakthrough services, you can quickly analyze your SAP environment and automate workload deployments. Join us at HPE Discover 2022 to learn more.

by Kevin Sheppard, Managing Consultant in HPE’s Global SAP Practice

HPE is committed to continuing to deliver value to our SAP customers by creating and improving services to achieve our goal of delivering everything as a service. The HPE Advisory and Professional Services (A&PS) Global SAP Practice will be showcasing the development of two key services at HPE Discover 2022: HPE Advisory Service for SAP – Blueprint, and HPE Automated Workload Deployment for SAP.

HPE Advisory Service for SAP – Blueprint

Imagine being able to peer into the future and get a glimpse of what your SAP work processes will look like tomorrow—how they will perform based on your current environment today.

HPE has introduced a new service offering called HPE Advisory Service for SAP – Blueprint. This service analyzes the existing SAP environment to better understand how SAP work processes will respond in a hybrid cloud. HPE has developed this service with technology based on our own IP. The service blueprints an existing SAP workload and analyzes how the workload will perform in a hybrid cloud setting or other cloud deployments that SAP clients can avail themselves of today – whether it be on-premises, in a co-location, or in a public cloud or multi-cloud environment.

This blueprint is based on the customer’s unique SAP environment. It reports on and analyzes business-critical IT metrics of an SAP system and visualizes system trends to plan for future modernization. You can leverage the results as input to achieve the business-critical and relevant desired metrics in your SAP modernization.

“In the end, the SAP application stack runs on technology, and that’s where we outclass our competition,” said Ed Faichtyger, Head of the HPE Global SAP Practice, at the launch of this new service on April 14, 2022. “Our differentiator is that we have unique, workload-specific intellectual property to analyze and maximize our customers’ current and future use of the hybrid cloud.”

HPE Automated Workload Deployment for SAP

At HPE we understand the challenges that businesses face when deploying SAP landscapes, including the time needed to configure an SAP system, the lack of standard processes, the lack of an easy way to test drive the latest SAP Solutions, and a lengthy procurement and system setup.

As most SAP clients embark on their journey to S/4HANA, simplifying and standardizing the deployment process is a common topic that we are hearing about from clients. SAP is complex, and any tools or processes that ease the deployment and effort around SAP workloads are widely welcome.

What if you could automate SAP deployment?

As a result – and based on real, practical S/4HANA implementation projects – the HPE A&PS Global SAP Practice has developed a new solution that helps clients to easily automate the deployment of full SAP application landscapes (SAP HANA Database and the SAP Application Tier), reducing the duration from months to minutes: HPE Automated Workload Deployment for SAP.

Automating full-stack SAP deployments in minutes based on Ansible playbooks developed by the HPE Global SAP Practice team, the solution enables customers to save employees’ time, reduce costs, and increase productivity. It also increases business efficiency and enhances the customer experience and scalability while minimizing errors. Implementing processes standardization ensures compliance and provides auditable records.

HPE Advisory and Professional Services is helping customers navigate what’s next, with strategic expertise and automation. Join us at HPE Discover 2022 to learn more.

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Kevin Sheppard.jpgKevin Sheppard is a Managing Consultant in HPE’s Global SAP Practice with over 25 years of experience working with enterprise applications and data platforms. He enjoys helping organizations plan, transform, innovate and modernize to overcome technology and business challenges.


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