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Benefits, Legality & Best Practices in 2022

Web data is valuable but websites try to block their data from getting scraped in order to minimize their operating expenses and keep their data from competitors or customers. It is easy for websites to block requests when they are coming from a single IP address. How can businesses overcome this limitation and access web data at scale?

Rotating proxies are a common method to overcome such crawling defenses and enable tasks such as web scraping, data mining and web indexing.

What is a rotating proxy?

Proxy servers act as masking agents while connecting you to the internet and provide anonymity. They do so by changing your actual IP to that of the proxy server.

Rotating proxies go a step beyond this and assign a new IP address from the provider’s proxy pool to your connection each time you connect to the internet. As a result, websites that block IPs that send numerous requests can not block your requests since your IP is getting refreshed regularly.

What are the use cases for rotating proxies?

  • Data Extraction: Web scraping data from websites that aim to block scrapers using bot counter-measures (i.e. technologies to prevent bots from collecting their online data). Rotating proxies, especially the residential ones, make it less likely for you to be blocked out even by a target website with an aggressive blocking approach. You can continue to rotate proxies until you can extract all the data you need.
  • Protecting your privacy online: The always changing IP address ensures that no one can completely track your activity and protects you from cyberattacks.
  • Changing Locations enables changing your IP location to be able to access digital services that are available to users from a specific geo-location

What are the benefits of using rotating proxies?

Rotating proxies’ main benefit is that they enable users to achieve these use cases which wouldn’t be possible with regular proxy services.

They can be easy to use. There are paid proxy services providing you with a user-friendly proxy manager and customer services to deal with any problems.

What type of proxies can be rotated?

The two main types of proxies used for rotation are datacenter proxy and residential proxy.

Datacenter Proxy

  • Uses a different datacenter proxy server for each connection request.
  • Assigns an IP address from the data centre in the proxy pool. These are not tied to any specific internet service provider but to the organization which owns the data centre.
  • Keeps its users anonymous by changing their IP addresses, however all the IP addresses it assigns can be traced back to the organization owning the data centre.
  • Carries a risk of the target website banning all IPs originating from the concerned data centre. 

Residential Proxy

  • Residential proxies have the benefit of assigning residential IPs for each connection request.
  • Residential IPs are owned by internet service providers and are registered to a particular home address.
  • Since residential IPs are verified and associated with a real person, they are less likely to get blocked out from target websites as compared to datacenter IPs.
  • Ensures better access than data centre proxy for web scraping and similar activities.


Bright Data’s Rotating Proxies provide 72 million+ real residential proxies with the largest global coverage of a rotating proxy network in 195 countries.

 Source: Bright Data

Rotating proxies are legal in most of the countries. 2 things are important determining legality of your proxy usage:

  • How are proxies acquired? Malware infected residential computers can be provided as proxies by malicious actors. Provision or use of such proxies would be illegal, therefore we recommend working with legitimate proxy providers. We have a regularly updated list of proxy providers
  • How are proxies used? For example, using them to launch denial of service attacks or to collect personal information would be illegal.

Please note that this is not legal advice. We recommend users to get legal advice beforehand on the intended use to ensure no legal laws are being broken. 

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